Official site now up.

This WordPress hostd thing is just fine, but the official site is now live at It has more pictures and break-up stories and things. Advertisements

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teaser image

JennyMarie Jemison, who stars as Nora, designed a rough flyer for her blog. The gratuitously talented photographer Erica Nix is taking publicity shots this week, and the poster will follow, but I like this as a teaser.

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No One Else Will Ever Love You
Directed by Dan Solomon

Written by Katherine Craft.
Starring JennyMarie Jemison, Spencer Driggers, Karina Dominguez, and Bastion Carboni.

Rick and Jen are back in the country after their honeymoon, and they've invited Rick's best friend Nora, along with her boyfriend Charlie, over for dinner. As they open their fifth bottle of wine, Rick and Charlie both struggle with their desire to dominate the room - and more importantly, Nora. Staged in the living rooms of local volunteers, this one-act play about the chess matches that some men play for power over the women in their lives, and the subsequent effort to be no one's pawn, presents a visceral and immediate theatrical experience.

Full Run Dates
August 28th and 29th
September 5th and 6th
September 11th and 12th

All performances are at 8pm.

All tickets are $10 and available online at Venue addresses will be given after ticket purchase. All venues are centrally located in Austin, TX.